• I'Anson Cup

    Year Captain
    2011 Simon Whitley
    2010 Simon Whitley
    2006 Simon Whitley
    2006 Paul Osborn
    1988 Neil Elisha
    1969 Geoff Tribe
    1929 Fred Puttick
    1920 Ernest Johnson
    1920 Ingham Whitaker
  • Miller Cup

    Year Captain
    2007 Will Cage
    1993 Graham Sampson
    1983 Peter Clapham
    1934 Reg Oakford
    1931 Reg Oakford
    1925 Harold Langrish
  • Norman Disney Shield

    Year Captain
    2007 Peter Hannam
  • Cyril Crawte Cup

    Year Captain
    2010 Tim Fry
  • Stevens Cup

    Year Captain
    2012 Andy Wheble
    2002 Paul Osborn
    2001 Paul Osborn
    1999 Andy Wheble
    1998 Andy Wheble
    1993 Simon Whitley
    1992 Neil Elisha
    1990 Michael Absolom
    1989 Neil Elisha
    1981 Eddie Gulliver
    1978 Mick Greathurst
    1970 Harry Murphy
    1969 Harry Murphy
  • Medstead Cup

    Year Name
    2010 Andy Wheble
    2005 Matt Haywood
    2000 James Tomlinson
    1998 Paul Roberts
    1997 Michael Absolom
    1995 Michael Absolom
    1992 Graham Sampson
    1988 Michael Spencer
    1986 Neil Elisha
    1984 Eddie Gulliver
    1983 Eddie Gulliver
    1982 Eddie Gulliver
  • Youth Honours






    2018 U9 SEHDL Various Mark Le Mare/Ally Cook
    2018 U15 SEHDL Alistair Wheble Andy Wheble
    2017 U8 TCYL Various Ally Cook/Duncan Jennings/Mark Le Mare
    2017 U15 TCYL Ben Dowson Ross Owen
    2017 U19 TCYL * Raveen Sriharan Sri Sriharan/Mark Bussell
    2016 U9 TCYL Oliver Lucas Robert Perei
    2016 U13 SEHDL Alistair Wheble Andy Wheble
    2016 U17 WSYL Will Kriehn Sri Sriharan/Mark Bussell
    2016 U19 TCYL Cameron Oosthuizen Sri Sriharan/Mark Bussell
    2015 U12 TCYL Alistair Wheble Andy Wheble
    2015 U17 TCYL Raveen Sriharan Sri Sriharan/Mark Bussell
    2015 U17 WSYL Raveen Sriharan Sri Sriharan/Mark Bussell
    2014 U15 TCYL Alex Marden/Harrison Ward Mark Bussell/Phil Coleshill/Sri Sriharan
    2014 U11 TCYL Alistair Wheble Andy Wheble/Ian Roberts
    2014 U9 TCYL Henry Garrett Geoff Garrett
    2013 U10 TCYL Alistair Wheble Andy Wheble
    2013 U15 TCYL Raveen Sriharan Sri Sriharan/Mark Bussell/Rob Ward
    2012 U11 TCYL* Various Tim Fry
    2012 U13 TCYL * Harrison Ward Mark Bussell/Rob Ward
    2011 U13’A’ SEHDL Raveen Sriharan Sri Sriharan/Mark Bussell/Rob Ward
    2010 U11’B SEHDL Anthony Lewis Mark Bussell/Rob Ward
    2010 U17 TCYL Max Heath Paul Heath/Phil Coleshill
    2009 U11’B’ SEHDL Charlie Sawyer & Richard Smart Sri Sriharan
    2008 U9 TCYL Harrison Ward Mark Bussell/Rob Ward
    2008 U15’B’ SEHDL Alex Ward Paul Heath/Phil Coleshill
    2007 U9 TCYL Raveen Sriharan Sri Sriharan
    1995 U15 TCYL Alistair Lindsey Clark Tim Fry
    1994 U17 Herald Cup Huw Stephens Jim Sanders
    1993 U11 TCYL Matthew Allen Tim Fry
    1990 U17 TCYL Gary Clapham Ken Williams
    1990 U17 Herald Cup Gary Clapham Ken Williams
    1988 U17 TCYL Ben Deighan Ken Williams
    1988 U17 Herald Cup Ben Deighan Ken Williams
    * Joint Winners

2010 I'Anson Cup Winners

  • Getting Involved

    Our club is run entirely by volunteers. Everyone has skills that can help in the smooth running of the club. Just a few ways can be found below;
  • Administration

    Plenty of small roles which you can do from the comfort of your home at your computer. Contact Elly - secretary@grayshottcc.co.uk
    More information
  • Coaching

    A great way to get involved with your child's cricket, and without such Mums and Dads their would be no junior cricket. Contact Graham - youthmanager@grayshottcc.co.uk
    More information
  • Grounds

    With two grounds we are always looking for help, and a great way of enjoying the fresh air. Contact Mark - mark.e.morris@gmail.com
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  • Social

    Along with a great game of cricket, comes the social side of the club, which is so important for a family orientated one. Contact Elly - secretary@grayshottcc.co.uk.co.uk
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