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Parking is situated in the furthest car park beyond the main school building on your right in Hazel Grove. Access to  the playing field is through the gate and situated behind the sports hall immediately in front of you as you walk through the school gate.


Amesbury School

Our sponsor for boys and girls cricket

Grayshott Cricket Club is delighted to have Amesbury School as its sponsor for boys and girls cricket and since 2012 the two organisations have been working in partnership to promote the game of cricket.

Furthermore, both the school and club see each other as a place for excellence which is enhanced even further through this partnership. Coaching resources and cricket facilities will be shared by the club and school to ensure that all children have access to high quality and appropriate resources.

Many of the children at the school are already members of the club and the partnership ​is of great benefit to both organisations.

Founded in 1870

Open Days

Amesbury is located on Hazel Grove, just off the A3 southbound roundabout.  It was founded in 1870 and is the oldest preparatory school in the Haslemere/Hindhead area. Set in a leafy 34-acre estate, it is a day school and co-educates children between the ages of 2 and 13.   

Our principal purpose is quite straightforward. It is simply that we want every child to enjoy his or her time at school; to feel valued as individuals, in an environment where their talents can prosper to the benefit of the community, so that when the time comes to leave us, each child will do so with confidence high, skills sharpened and personalities rounded.

For information on our next Open Days, which will include an informal meeting with our new Head, please visit our website or email our Head of Marketing and Admissions Liz Wright –