Reporting of Junior Results

Link to the Grayshott Play Cricket Website is here. All results should be recoreded within seven days of the fixture

Playing Conditions

New Laws for 2023 can be found here

Surrey Junior Cricket Championship

SJCC play cricket website here

SJCC Major Rule and Playing Condition Changes for 2023 here

2023  SJCC League Rules here

Summary of documents for the 2023 SJCC Age Group specific playing conditions here

SJCC Values & Behaviours for Players

SJCC Values & Behaviours for Parents, Guardians & Spectators

SJCC Values for Team Managers & Coaches

Link to ECB Fielding Guidelines here

South East Hants League

Link to the SEHDL 2023 Rules & Regulations is here

Link to the SEHDL play cricket website is here

Coaching Aids

Bowling Machine Instructions

Junior machines located at Grayshott – Instructions for Use

Adult machine at Grayshott with adjustable legs for junior use – Instructions for Use

Remember only use the balls provided with each machine.

Short legs for U8’s to 10’s

Medium legs for U10’s to U15’s

Tall legs for U15’s to Adults.

Safeguarding Guidance

How to use our Defibrillators

Risk Assessments

Ground Risk Assessments




Safe Hands Documentation

Accident Reporting