The Club is delighted to announce that it has achieved its third re-accreditation in May 2014 and has received the following communication from John Cook Club Development Manager at the Ageas Bowl:

“As a cricket development manager, I am very lucky that I get to travel the county, visiting clubs, meeting players of all ages and of course the many volunteers who contribute to participation of the sport throughout the year. Upon entering the ground at Grayshott you can’t help but feel that you have entered a sanctuary not only for cricket but for families.

All the facilities are well appointed, maintained and there is plenty of open space and a playground for non-participating children and families to use. The clubhouse is welcoming and so are the members who beckon you in. Life has changed for me with regard to my personal needs of what a cricket club offers and this is due to being a proud parent.

The question I ask myself when I come to a ground is would I join and why? When it comes to Grayshott, what is the answer……….? YES! Why!? Because therevnvolved knowing that I can sustain the club for years to come to allow the next generation of players and people to enjoy what the club has to offer.

All of this is a result of the many, many hours that the entire membership give up whether it be scoring the winning runs in a match to the people who make decisions for the greater good of the club. There are thousands of hours given up in between by coaches, ground staff, parents, caterers, welfare officers and many more people who make Grayshott Cricket Club the club it is. The club has great values and beliefs but don’t take my word for it, go down and see it for yourself.”

What is Clubmark?

Sport England’s Clubmark is a cross sport accreditation for sports clubs with junior sections in recognition of a quality club.

Why Clubmark?

Nearly half of all children and young people are members of sports clubs outside school and it is very important that these clubs serve young people well. Until recently there were few guidelines and little support available to most clubs to develop and assess themselves. Clubmark sets core and common criteria for sports clubs to meet in the following categories:

    • Child Protection
    • Coaching & Competition
    • Sports Equity & Ethics
    • Club Management

Benefits to Clubs

We will receive support from sports development professionals and improve the quality of coaches in the club so that our club can be even more successful and competitive. We will be better organised and resourced as a club and able to further develop.

In short we have proved that Grayshott is recognised as a safe, effective child friendly club with a vibrant and healthy infrastructure.

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