• 29 APR 20
    Robbo’s Ground Inspection

    Robbo’s Ground Inspection

    Last weekend I walked to both of our grounds at Grayshott and Broxhead Common from my home in Headley to do a bit of work and check on the grounds. My wife Barbara took three photos to prove I completed the walks…..exercise is good especially at this time..

    Having a rest at Broxhead….

    In April we would normally have spent many hours pre season rolling at both grounds. Only a few hours rolling has been done at both grounds so far, and unless there is a likelihood of cricket at our level being started there will not be much rolling done at all this summer to minimise any end of season work.

    In the meanwhile both squares and all three outfields do still need maintaining. In May we would normally undertake weed killing of all three outfields. This has been completed at Broxhead but the outfield at Grayshott is not being treated with weedkill/fertiliser etc until June due to the football club`s attempt at reseeding the bare areas.

    When these photos were taken last weekend both grounds were looking good considering the lack of water. Phil Brown helped me at Grayshott pre-COVID-19 with Graham and Rob continuing their great work at Broxhead. 

    Should we not be allowed to play any cricket this summer I would be keen to arrange for the first time a couple of winter games on our artificial strips…….so watch this space!

    Paul Roberts

    Club Groundsman

Grayshott Cricket Club