Chairman: Sri Sriharan

contact Sri on: 07802 294072

sri I still remember the bright spring Saturday morning in 2005, when I took my son to the only club in the area that would accept a 7 year old to sample the game of cricket. Coming from a country with extreme passion for the game, I could not stop myself helping out – laying out plastic cones as boundary markers, making refreshments etc. Two years later after having completed the required coaching qualifications, I ended up looking after one of the youth teams and continue to do so to date. Taking over the reins from Paul Roberts who held the Chairman’s post for the last 12 years is daunting. I will however, endeavour to carry on the good work done by him and the committee to ensure that the club upholds our values as a friendly and family orientated village cricket club promoting the game to the youth and providing a friendly but competitive playing experience for the adults.

Secretary: Helen Foulds

contact Helen on: 07540 959822



Hello, I’m Helen Foulds, mum to Felix (joining U8s this season), Nate (Allstar) and future All Stars/forces of chaos Harriet and Beatrix.
I have been a keen cricket fan since childhood and captained Bristol University ladies in the past so it’s nice to be able to support the club that my children attend now.
The club has a lovely welcoming atmosphere and it’s focus on developing players is something to be proud of so I’m happy to help!.

Treasurer: Andre Ousthuizen

Contact Andre on 07423 524731

Having been involved with Action Cricket in South Africa as a Junior coach between 2009 and 2012 at both club and Provincial level we found with our move across to the UK in mid 2012 that despite the poor weather, the nearest indoor Action Cricket arena was in London. We thus decided to pursue cricket outdoors with Grayshott Cricket Club. My wife volunteered my services in the latter half of 2013 for the vacant Treasurer role as I have a finance background and had been Treasurer back in South Africa for both a School PA and local Sailing Club. Grayshott is a very active club with many volunteers, always looking to improve coaching and facilities, keeping the committee and the treasury very occupied.

Youth Manager: Graham Sampson

Email Graham or contact him on: 07826 523227

I have been associated with Grayshott for over 30 years now and having played cricket for the majority of those years and getting so much enjoyment from the game I wanted to put something back into the game. I have been Youth Manager at Grayshott for 15 years now along with a few other roles!  Although I am a qualified coach I spend most of time undertaking the administration associated with running a youth section engaging with parents to get involved, allowing our excellent coaching team to focus on coaching.  The club is a really friendly one and I have met so many of my friends through the club. What is most satisfying is seeing a six year old progress through the junior ranks into adult cricket at the club.

Club Welfare Officer: Joanna Cook

contact Joanna on: 07768 266084

 officialjoanna I have two young boys who are both interested in sport. When we moved to the area both boys signed up to play at Grayshott and we are delighted with the friendliness and professionalism of the club. My husband Alistair helps to support the under 7’s coaching too and so cricket has now become a family game for us. I am a teacher at a local Independent school with responsibility for Pastoral Care and Safeguarding of children aged 2 – 18. Ensuring children can develop in a safe and nurturing environment is really important to me and I consider it a privilege to be trusted with the care of our Youth set up. Do feel free to talk to me about anything that may be concerning you – we all have a responsibility to make sure that cricket is safe and fun for our children. Let me know if you think I can help to make this better.

Club Welfare Officer: Sam Rance

contact Sam on: 07962 319358

Hi, I’m Sam Howard mum of Rory (U8) and future allstar Robyn. Rory’s been attending all stars for the last two years and I was keen to support the club. My husband and I have both played cricket and there might even be evidence of my time as ladies captain for Grayshott.
Grayshott creates an amazing club for all ages and there is no other team that I would see my own children playing for, I am keen to ensure all children and young adults enjoy the start of their cricket career!”

Grounds Manager: Paul Roberts

Email contact Paul on: tel:01428 289597.

officials-paulr 25 years ago I brought my son to the club and have been here ever since! I got invlolved helping out with the juniors, progressing to playing for the 2nd XI and then helping to set up the new 3rd and 4th XI`s. After being club captain for a few years, I became club chairman which has been a very enjoyable role and I eventually stepped aside in January 2017 after 12 years (far too long some may say!). For the past 8 years or so I have also looked after our main square and ground at Grayshott and now also oversee our lovely new second ground at Broxhead Common. Sitting on the roller in the sunshine is one task I really enjoy!

Club Development Manager: Duncan Willows

contact Duncan on: 07766 682211.

I have been associated with Grayshott Cricket Club for at least 8 years seeing both my sons play. I have had the privilege of working alongside some more experienced coaches and finally going through to level 2 coaching courses myself. More recently I have been involved in leading the All Stars cricket for 4-8 year olds which has been a brand new experience! I have also enjoyed supporting Graham with some of the schools work involving taster sessions for All Stars and girls cricket.

Club Captain & Sportsfield Committee Representative: Phil Coleshill

contact Phil on: 07889 130437.

Having played adult cricket and coached youth cricketers at Grayshott for many years, I am now privileged to be President and Club Captain of our fabulous Club. Whilst we have achieved many successes in the past, we still have many ambitions for the Club, both on and off the field. I will assist in achieving these in any way that I can, and will be pleased to hear from any member who may need advice or assistance, or has suggestions as to how we may improve any aspect of the Club’s operation. Although friends tell me I’m very competitive by nature, I strongly believe that cricket should always be played in it’s uniquely fair spirit, and fun and enjoyment are the most important goals. I am married to Kathy, have 2 sons Ollie, 23 and Will, 21, and live in Grayshott.

1st XI Captain: Stuart Kennedy

contact Stuart on: 07815 785697

stuart-kennedyA thirty year journey in Cricket has led me to this post as Grayshott 1st XI skipper and I couldn’t be prouder or more excited to take on the challenge of moulding the next generation of Grayshott’s cricketing superstars. I was literally raised at the Hollands sports club in the midlands where my father was the chairman. I started playing adult league cricket from 12yrs old. Since then I have played for teams all round the country including youth Cricket for Derbyshire, ‘Three Counties’ Cricket for Stynchcombe in Gloucestershire, as well as Premier League Cricket for Bicester and North Oxford. I spent ten years at Leatherhead in the Surrey Championship and was 2nd team captain for the 2010 season.

I have been coaching Cricket since 1992 and teach PE for my job but even so I enjoyed taking the new level 2 qualification as part of Grayshott’s brilliant coaching set up and am now super excited about coaching the All Stars Cricket section this year. Cricket has given me so much and I am determined to give back in any way possible. I urge you to get involved, great sport, great people, great club!

2nd XI Captain: Raveen Sriharan

contact Rav on: 07770 259197

I joined Grayshott CC at the age of 6, 3 years earlier than any other local club would take me. Since then I have risen through the age groups and adult teams. Owing much of my success at the club to various coaches and captains throughout. This club has given me enormous amounts of skills, attributes and experience, I see fit to give back in any way I can. This year I thought it would be the right time to put my experience of captaining my age groups at youth level to the test by making the move into adult cricket. I am also an Level 2 Qualified coach and have previously run the U9/U10 and U11 age groups.

My aim is to be able to balance a competitive level of cricket in division 2, enjoyment for all the players young to old and equal opportunities to contribute to for all 11 players.

3rd XI Captain: John Wheeler

contact John on: 07958 376574

Following an enjoyable debut season with the Shotts in 2018, I’m looking forward to skippering the 3rd XI in 2019. Over 30+ years of senior cricket, I’ve played on beautifully manicured grounds in Gloucestershire, coconut matting wickets with sand outfields in Bahrain and inner city parks in London with consistently average results. It seems that I’m plagued by the batsman’s curse of receiving the one truly unplayable delivery in every match. I have three objectives for the team for this season:

  • Give some of our talented young players further exposure to senior cricket
  • Ensure that everyone who turns out for the 3s gets the opportunity to contribute
  • Play cricket with the right spirit while playing to win every match.

4th XI Captain: Tim Fry

contact Tim on: 07787 797894

I have been playing cricket so long that I can remember the bats that used to have the logos burnt into the wood. I am living proof that those who can’t do coach. My batting is so slow that people have passed out from boredom watching it.  I am the captain of the fourth team which has the expressed aim of moving players from youth to adult cricket. In the last three or four years we have had our ‘alumni’ work their way through the sides to the first team. The next group start out this season.
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