In 1922 the Miller Cup Competition was formed to encourage the second eleven of the I’Anson Cup sides and other junior teams in the area.

Grayshott 2nd XI were one of the six clubs who played in the inaugural season. The other clubs to play were Lythe Hill and 2nd XI sides from the following clubs; Churt, Hindhead, Shottermill and Whitehill.

The Miller Cup was given in the Spring of 1922 by Mrs. Alexander Miller of Stoatley Hall, Haslemere.

It was not long before Grayshott won the Miller Cup in 1925, led by Harold Langrish, following a play off with The Bourne.

Under the captaincy of Reg Oakford, Grayshott won the Miller Cup in both 1931 and 1934.

It was not until 49 years later in 1983 that Grayshott again won the Miller Cup captained by Peter Clapham.

The Miller CupGrayshott have played in the Miller Cup every year until 1993. Following the re-organisation of the league in 1991 whereupon a new Second Division was formed, clubs competed for the Miller Cup in the new Division 3.

In 1993, Grayshott under the captaincy of Graham Sampson became Miller Cup champions in a season when the team were unbeaten.

Promotion to the Second Division to compete for the new Herald Shield lasted only two seasons before returning to Division Three in 1995 to play again in the Miller Cup.

Grayshott continued in the Miller Cup until 2001 when under the captaincy of Paul Roberts the club regained promotion to Division 2 as Runners Up.

The 2nd XI survived again for three seasons in Division 2 before returning to compete again for the Miller Cup in 2005.

Under the captaincy of Huw Stephens the 2nd XI just missed out on promotion again in 2006, until in 2007 a very youthful team under the captaincy of Will Cage became winners of the Miller Cup for the sixth time on the very last day of the season.

Grayshott have now won the Miller Cup six times in 1925, 1931, 1934,1983,1993 and 2007. Since being promoted to Division 2 the our 2nd XI have not competed for the Miller Cup.

In 2015 our 3rd XI will be competing for the Miller Cup for the first time.

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